List of Available Functions


Perform Natural Language Processing functions against text strings and documents.

Method Resource Description
POST nlp/parse Performs Part of Speech (POS) tagging, Named Entity Recognition (NER), dependency parsing, tokenization, sentiment analysis, and other core functions of the eContext NLP stack.
POST nlp/lid Identify the language of some text input.


Classify single keywords into the eContext Taxonomy.

Method Resource Description
POST categories/categories Retrieve a dictionary of Categories and associated Overlays given a list of category ids.
GET categories/tiers Retrieve top tier Categories from the eContext Taxonomy.
GET categories/map/:keyword Retrieve a best map Category from the provided keyword based on the eContext knowledge set.
GET categories/search/:keyword Retrieve a set of possible Categories from the provided keyword based on comparing the keyword with pre-classified keywords in the eContext Dataset.

Content Classification

Classify long-form text context, short-form text content (including social media), the content from URLs or HTML, or lists of keywords into the eContext Taxonomy.

Method Resource Description
POST classify/text Submit plain text for classification.
POST classify/social Submit a list of social posts for classification.
POST classify/url Submit a url to be retrieved and classified.
POST classify/html Submit HTML code for classification.
POST classify/keywords Submit a list of keywords for classification.


Retrieve collections of keywords based on executed searches.

Method Resource Description
POST keywords/search Execute a search based on provided parameters.
GET keywords/search/:result_id Retrieve keywords from the specified search.

User Information

Retrieve basic user and billing cycle information.

Method Resource Description
GET user/attributes Return basic information about the current user.
GET user/usage Retrieve the usage information for the current billing cycle.
GET user/taxonomies Retrieve a list of public and privately available taxonomies.
POST user/taxonomy Create a custom taxonomy for use in classification tasks.
GET user/taxonomy/:dataset_id Retrieve a customized taxonomy.
DELETE user/taxonomy/:dataset_id Delete a customized taxonomy.